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Welcome to Parkishly!


Each one of us has an abundance of “ishness” in our lives and we live that out with a variety of intentions and actions that are “ishly” by nature. Our be-ing is rooted in our very Spirits (Heart and Will) and this organically distinguishes us from any other. You may smile with your head turned playfully to the left. Or, you may approach life’s activities with a gusto that most who know you would say, "that sure is her or him!” It’s such a good thing to have our own noticeable distinguishing factors in life, isn’t it? That’s how God has uniquely made you - and me. 


At least once a week (and maybe more!) you will have an opportunity to explore "ishly” life right here with me, through writings and pondering as we consider together what it means to do Life - With - God. Everyone is welcome here. The unabashed bias will be to highly value the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), as well as you and I as God's Image Bearers. Did you know that one of the very first activities God decided to do was to express himself by creating the world and then humankind - in his own ishly manner! Wow.


Furthermore, he loved us so very much that he continued to seek us by sending his son to earth as a man who was fully human and fully divine, in the man Jesus. How ishly of him! Let’s explore together and please comment with your take on the thoughts expressed here by me or others in response to a thread of thought. 

If you are a person of faith, you might have been told that you have to get it right; have the right doctrine, act a certain way and MUST attend a particular type of church. Well, we’re going to be taking a long look at some alternatives to only adhering to the oughts of life. What if Jesus invites us into a different type of life: One which is rooted in and radiates with his love for us - one which sets us free from a legalistic bondage or feeling bad about ourselves to instead live into who he originally created us to be in the first place? What if, just what if, you are uniquely created by God to live within and act within that love. What if we are truly his beloved? Ahhhh….we see the wind in the leaves but not the wind. Let’s explore together...


Some do’s:

*Be positive

*Be thoughtful

*Be helpful

*Be willing to hear differing points of view


Some don’ts:


*Be negative

*Be thoughtless (particularly of others)

*Be unhelpful

*Be pontifical (believe your thought is all that matters)


So, with that brief introduction to, feel free to DIG IN and know that you are loved!

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